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HAF, Hellenic Air Force, is one of the 26 Air Forces still operating the
successful F-16. The first of these fighters were introduced into greek service
in early 1989. Throughout the years there were another four orders of
supplementary aircraft, increasing their total number to 170, every time
acquiring a newer and more advanced version. Nowadays, the total number
of the F-16s on strength with the HAF (due to losses) is around 155 aircraft,
while there are four different Blocks of the same type in service.

Peace Xenia I – The Block 30 F-16s
All started in November 1984, when the Greek Government expressed its
interest to acquire 34 F-16C and six F-16D Fighting Falcons in order to
replace the ageing F-5 Freedom Fighters. The agreement was signed in
January 1987 under the name Peace Xenia I.
The first four F-16C/D Block 30 of HAF landed on January 20th, 1989 at Nea
Aghialos Air Base (111 Fighter Wing) near Volos town: three single-seat C
(serial numbers 88-0110, 88-0111 & 88-0112) and one two-seat D (serial number 88-0144) variants. They travelled over the Atlantic with USAF
roundels painted over their fuselage. More of the same type were coming that year, at a pace of four aircraft per month, assisted by air refueling tankers, flying from US to Greece, with an intermediate stop at Torejon Base, Spain. 36 more F-16s followed till the end of 1989 for a total of 40 F-16C/D Block 30, to complete Peace Xenia I order (34 F-16C Block 30 and 6 F-16D Block 30)
for HAF.

Material Patch: PVC
Size: Ø10 cm

Velcro: Yes

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