F-16C/D Blk 30 / 330 SQN "KERAVNOS" (HAF)

F-16C/D Blk 30 / 330 SQN "KERAVNOS" (HAF)

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330 SQN "Keravnos" ("Thunderbolt")
The first Squadron that was equipped with F-16C/D Block 30 in Greece

1988 : In December of 1988, the 330 Squadron was established in the Unit
1989 : The new F-16C/D Block 30 combat aircraft entered the inventory of the 330 Sqn, the arrival of which began on January 1989.

On 9th January 1989, the 330 Squadron was established at 111 Combat Wing. It operated from the facilities of the 341 Sqn, while the first pilots, who manned it, were among the six who were trained in USA, at Luke AB, Arizona. The technicians were trained in Fort Worth, TX, at GENERAL DYNAMICS, the manufacturer of the F-16 aircraft.
In the first year of the Squadron’s operation more than 2500 flight hours were accomplished. The training of the pilots was conducted by the six pilots who were trained in the United States of America, with the help of two American pilots. All ground personnel was trained in the Squadron.

Authentic patch since the 80s

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