77-1760 during its Test & Evaluation flights in 2002.


20 YEARS OF F-4E PI 2000 AT 117CW
Within the scope of upgrading the F-4E Phantom's role and capability, the HAF proceeded at the end of 1997 to initiate a program, both for the aircraft's structural reinforcement, and for the upgrading of their avionics. The aim was to implement an upgrade program of the combat and operational capabilities of thirty-nine F-4Es (29 PI I and 10 PI II aircraft) designated AUP - Avionics Upgrade Program. In December 1998, a contract was signed between the German Aerospace Industry (DASA, later EADS) and the Hellenic Aerospace Industry (HAI), which provided for the upgrade of aircraft at the latter's facilities, in addition to the prototype aircraft which was upgraded in Germany.


72-01523. The orange line on the cannon's flash guard indicated that the M-61 cannon had been removed. In its place had been installed a telemetry device for testing the aircraft's new systems.


72-01523 was the prototype upgraded F-4E and it flew on April 28, 1999, fifteen months after the aircraft arrived at the German company's facilities. On Wednesday, December 18, 2002, the ceremony for the handing over to the HAF of the program's first production aircraft, 72-01507, was held in the facilities of the Hellenic Aerospace Industry in Tanagra, while three more upgraded aircraft, including the original 72-01523 «Ρrincess of Andraνida» and 77-1760, the first aircraft that had been delivered by the HAI, were already at the 117CW in Andravida.
117 CW received these two aircraft in May 2001. The "imported" 72-01523 Ρrincess of Andraνida was mainly used by the technical personnel for training and familiarisation with the new systems while 77-1760 from the HAI for weapon test and certifications. Test & Evaluation flights with 71760 were carried out during May 2001 - May 2003, at the 117 CW with various armament configurations by 338 Sqn ARIS and 339 Sqn AIAS.
The crew were Major (P) Ioannis Tsolekas as the test pilot and Major (P) Georgios Giapitzis, F-4E PI 2000 (AUP) Instructor.


27/5/2011 Aircraft and personnel from 338 and 339 squadrons in a souvenir shot on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the arrival of the first upgraded F-4E PI 2000 at the 117 CW.

27/5/2011 Cutting the AUP birthday cake on that day. From the Left: 339 Squadron commander, Lt. Col. (P) I. Petropoulos, 117CW commander Col. (P) E. Charalambidis, 117CW deputy commander Col. (P)K. Argyropoulos and 338 squadron commander Lt. Col. (P) G. Christodoulou. 

 In May 2011 the 117 CW celebrated the tenth anniversary of the most advanced ever Phantom, the F-4E PI 2000 (AUP), enrolment on its strength. In fact the combat wing's personnel do not take into account the first flight by 01523 in Germany in 1999, neitherthe official delivery by the HAI in 2002 for the AUP's birthday, but only the first acceptance flight by 77-1760 at the 117 CW in May 2001. It was first celebrated on 27 May 2011, the 10th anniversary.

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